SAO BENEDITO – BrasilSøt og fyldig kaffe fra Brasil

kr 149,- (0g)

(NB! Hele bønner må kvernes før bruk.)

This farm comes as a fulfillment of a dream. Having being in the coffee business/trade/cupping/consultant for over 40 years, the dream of producing my own coffee comes true now with Fazenda Cerca de Pedra Sao Benedito, and my first harvest. 

As a trader/consultant I have been promoting and helping the small producers of Piata region for some years now. 

The farm will help me use it as a model, as a guide to show them (small producers) a sustainable way to produce specialty coffee. With the help of Agronomist, we are also sharing their knowledge with the small ones that would not be able to afford such investment. 

At the same time, I am also helping the small producers market their coffee around the globe, in a very transparent way, where they know exactly the price paid for their coffee. /Silvio